Laugh Your Way To The Win

Horse Laugh

Welcome to land where dreams are made and laughs are as easy to come by as finding a penny on the ground. Let the good times roll. That’s our moto here at Hayden Wake. Live, Love, Laugh and then repeat. It’s quite that simple. That has been our philosophy the last 8 years in teaching wakeboard, wake surf, and wake skate lessons.

Have some laughs out there while you’re progressing in the sport you love… otherwise why in the hell are you doing it? Life is to short to not laugh at whatever you are doing. Laughing is healthiest medicine known to the human race during stressful times. Try and make everything a little comical and you’ll start to realize the big issues in life aren’t really that big. Try it, I dare you. I triple dog dare you, I quadr… ok you get the point.

riding a bike? laugh a little

bungee jumping? laugh a little

moms yelling at you? laugh a little

you fall down the stairs? laugh a little

scorpion while wakeboarding? laugh a little

santa gave you nothing? laugh a little

pizza came with no cheese? laugh a little

find out your roommate fake tans? laugh a little

fell asleep standing up? laugh a little

found out shawn white is your dad? laugh a little

billy frick is dating your sister? laugh a little

patient penny got pissed off? laugh a little

the joker is not really dead? laugh a little

ice-scream for breakfast? laugh a little

only guy in yoga class? laugh a little

Laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh a little more. and then some more. And once you’ve gotten a good ol laugh in. Reflect on all the grate things in your life and you’ll start to realize a few things. That you have the best job in the world. That your family is actually awesome. The guy that delivers your mail isn’t really that bad. Joan Jett is still alive and single. praise the Lord. You’ll start to see the positive side of the battery and when I say battery, I mean your awesome life. Get out there and smash life you weird, unique, freaks of nature.

And what does this have to do with wakeboarding? Absolutely nothing to answer your question. This blog post was only written with the high hopes that you would be like. “these guys are so insane… I’m gonna follow them just to see how weird their next blog is.” Give us a like on Facebook if you like pizza… don’t lie either. If you like pizza and you don’t give us a follow, then we are gonna have a one on one conversation in the near future.

All this talk about pizza make me think of the good times that are about to roll at the Hayden Wake 10 Year in Business Partyyyyy! Stay tuned for that.. Cheers!

Yours Truly,


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